Catie & Justin’s Baby Announcement

It was fall of 2009. The  air was humid and a slight mist was hovering over the grass.  Anxious runners tightened their shoes and prepared for the time trial.  This would determine the fit from the elite.  Cross country season was about to begin.  This is how I first met Catie and Justin at Milligan College. Justin was a local guy from Gray, Tennessee with a thick southern accent and a likable demeanor.  Catie was a girl from New Jersey getting ready to start her new and exciting life in Tennessee.  We all ran cross country and track and field for the Buffalos.  Little did we know that we would both meet our spouses while running at Milligan.

I watched their friendship blossom into a relationship as they juggled being student athletes and full time students their freshman year.  I watched their relationship grow stronger as other couples burned out over the year. I graduated in 2010 knowing that I had made friends with both Catie and Justin though the common bonds of running.

I couldn’t help but smile when they called me to photograph their wedding a few years later in 2014.  Their East Tennessee wedding was a day full of love and joy.  I couldn’t have been more happy to be a part of their special day.  It  was an honor for me to capture their day!

A few years down the road, on December 16th, 2017, I was sitting with Catie and Justin at church when they whispered in my ear that she was pregnant.  My heart was and is so happy for them! Weeks later, I shot their baby reveal photos.  I hope you enjoy the photos of my friends Catie and Justin and their goofy dog, Jay announcing their exciting news!  I am so excited to continue watching their marriage and family grow.

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