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When it comes to photography Mike is, in the absolute fullest sense of the phrase, the total package. His talent behind the camera–practiced and thoughtfully honed for over a decade thus far–is enough in itself to make him great at what he does. But that is only the beginning of what makes Michael Kaal stand high above the rest.

To anyone else it would appear that Mike has achieved excellence in his field, and he no doubt has. But he perpetually remains a student of all things photography, constantly seeking to grow. That is what makes Mike not only a stellar photographer but also an outstanding teacher of his trade.

I am unbelievably privileged to have been trained under Mike. Just like in his own work, thorough and thoughtful define his approach to teaching. His investment in me as his student was sincere, personalized to my strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately invaluable. I am forever indebted to Mike for the growth of my business, the establishment of close client relationships, and my ever-developing skills behind the camera and in post-processing.

I cannot recommend Mike highly enough, as both a photographer and a teacher. If you don’t come out of every single training session with him inspired, elated about photography, and already personally improved in at least one aspect of your work, I will personally refund your money. Okay, I may be kidding about the refund, but I’m serious that you will NOT be disappointed. Look no further because you surely will not find a match for Michael Kaal.

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